03 July 2015

Finding wealth through employment

Years ago I lost a job because of the economy. It was a job I thought I would have for many years. With the lose I was able to secure funding from the state to get re-educated and to help finding new employment.

I had one class that met once a week for a month. It dealt with how we viewed different jobs and how we viewed ourselves. The class had people in their 20s all the way up to their 50s. I was in my 30s. There were probably 30 people in the class.

The final night we were given a test to see where we'd be most comfortable in the world, as far as what would we do to earn a paycheck. After the test the instructor went over every one of them an gave his impressions about them.

The last two test results he did were the lowest score and the highest one. A young lady, no more then 20 years old, had the lowest score. Which he quickly said wasn't bad or a negative. More then anything it showed that she was a young person.

Next came the highest score, which was given to me. Again, he quickly said, that it didn't mean I was the smartest or will find employment before anybody else.

What it showed was that at my age I had done numerous jobs and having done them, I realized that they weren't that bad. To a young person being a janitor may seem to be demoralizing, while to me it wasn't that bad of a job.

The thing about any job is not what it does for a person's ego but rather what it does for their wealth. Not just their material wealth but their spiritual wealth.

I'd rather earn a paycheck washing a floor then wait to be fed by a government program. Any job gives a person freedom to decide their future. Government programs tell you what freedoms you can have and if you have to much, they may just take it away from you…

There is nothing wrong with being on a government benefit program, what is wrong is the fear to let it go and try to live a life (a better life) without it.

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