11 October 2014

Let's try this again

I'm back!!! Hopefully longer than the last time. A little review. I do this more for me than anyone else. It's my way of not forgetting and remembering how my Higher Power stayed close to me.

After five weeks of countless tests, I had open heart surgery on September 15th. I spent the next five days in the hospital and was released as everything that could be done was done. Now it was just a matter of me with follow ups and getting into a rehab program.

My first checkup was nine days after my release. It was Monday morning, the 29th of September. Long story short... this checkup would be the only one I had. The doctor put me back in the hospital and ordered more tests. I was losing blood... I was white as a sheet, weak and going downhill fast.

My new hospital stay for the first couple of days was uneventful.. I was being stabilized and the blood thinner I was on was also monitored. As everything began coming back, I still was losing blood. Now I was stable enough to have a colonoscopy. After the tests on Friday morning, I was told I had a mass in the colon about the size of a golf ball and a half dozen polyps. With my blood being thin and everything kind of located together, the doctors thought the best course of action would be to remove that section of my colon – a foot of it.

So later that day, on Friday October 3rd, I had my second major operation within a month. This one kicked me big time. I never really recovered from the first surgery and here I was with new war wounds on me.

After the surgery, my body didn't want to “wake-up” right away so I was put on a liquid diet, which is broth, jello, Italian Ice, tea, and a juice... I lived off of this for six days – breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Now, here it is October 9th. I'm starting my first full day of being back home. I'm nervous, scared, anxious and all those other feelings that don't make me feel safe. Safe – as in being in my own mind.

I do have to have some bloodwork done later but my day is one of being lazy and doing things extremely slow. I don't want another visit with any hospital.

So, since September 15th till October 8th, I had two major surgeries. In all six hours of laying in an operating room, fourteen hours in recover, and out of those 23 days, 15 of them have been spent in a hospital.

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  1. Healing thoughts and prayers your way for a full recovery. You are a rescillient warrior! - samadhi