28 February 2014

More thoughts... with less being more

I really like the thoughts of this months law about “less being more,” and the Law of Simplicity. It just goes against everything we learn. We do not about being materialistic and how things can become our Higher Power, but it still doesn't stop us from acquiring more and more.

You may have a 19” TV, yet you won't be satisfied until you have a 25”. Then when you get that you won't be satisfied until you have a 36”. Then a 42”. Then a 56”. It started out with a nice convenient and practical TV, then it exploded to a TV that overpowers a room. And even with this monstrosity we want more. With a TV having so much power, we need surround sound. Not only do we need life like images, we need the sound to go with it.

We've created a room we need to spend every minute in, just to pay for it all. Not just because of the TV but also the cable or satellite or whatever is attached to it. Don't get me wrong. I have a TV. A 19” one. Instead of cable, I have rabbit ears. I also have a computer which I watch some TV on as well. Nothing fancy... yet for me it's perfect. For me “less is more.”

I have more time to read a good book. I have more time to go for a stroll and go on journeys. All because I have less.

I used to have a fancy house. Three bedrooms, two baths, and my own office. I had a two car garage and three cars. As well as a huge yard. I walked around with pride talking about all the things I owned. Finally, when the day came and I threw it all away, I felt like the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders.

Those three bedrooms were traded in for one. Those two baths were given up for one, without a bathtub. My office? That is now part of my living room, which is part of the entry, which is part of the kitchen. And I wouldn't trade it back. The life in a small apartment is so much simpler.

I can't keep many possessions because I simply don't have the room for it. I don't have the closet space to have a massive wardrobe. I no longer have a garage for my car, so I have an old car – a $500 special sitting in a town parking lot. If it gets broken into or destroyed, it's no big lose.

To the outside world, I own nothing of value. By looks, I am a very poor man. But the opposite is true. I have so much that is valuable. I have peace of mind and no stress. By having less, I have no debt. No car loans, no mortgage – none of that. With no debt, it is easy to have goals and dreams.

It is easier to plan a trip to another country. To save money for it and make it a reality. All the time by living a life with less.

I do believe that for each of us, we can have so much more by having so much less. This path of having less, for me, has been an amazing spiritual journey that continues to enlighten me everyday...

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