31 December 2013

WWII thoughts from across the pond

Spent yesterday in Manchester at the Imperial War Museum. I am a history nut and this place had it everywhere. It's a museum of wars throughout time. For instance, one display had seven or eight mangled steel girders that were about 20 feet tall – they were from The Twin Towers...

Anyway, when we were done we took a stroll through the souvenir shop and they had a book written in 1942 by the American Government. Its title was “Instructions for the American Servicemen in Britain 1942.”

It was a small book that every soldier received as they headed to Europe, to learn about their English Allies.

There was one segment I'd like to share it's entitled, “Waste Means Lives.” As you read it remember it was written by the American Government....


It's always said that Americans throw more food into their garbage cans than any other country eats. It is true. We have always been a “producer” nation. Most British food is imported even in peacetimes, and for the last two years the British have been taught not to waste the things that their ships bring in from abroad. British seamen die getting those convoys through. The British have been taught this so thoroughly that they know that gasoline and food represent the lives of merchant sailors. And when you burn gasoline needlessly, it will seem to them as if you are wasting the blood of those seamen – when you destroy or waste food you have wasted the life of another sailor.


Pretty powerful statement...

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