28 July 2013

The Law of Karma and Reincarnation

The Law of Karma and Reincarnation is about cause and effect, self- responsibility, and Universal harmony. All of our actions, deeds, and our motives, intents, and the desires behind them have a direct cause and effect relationship. To perfect, we need to practice helping and serving, unconditional love, and acceptance.

From the day I was born I was unique. Just as you are an unique individual reading this exactly at this time. You are reading this for your own personal reason and your own personal journey. My journey continues to struggle and also to learn about karma.

I have often heard of karma in a negative way which to me makes no sense. An example, we see a con man. Very handsome and outgoing and it seems like he can get any woman he wants and he usually does. He moves in with a woman and promises her a wonderful life. Months go by and he just sucks the life out of her. Spiritually and financially she is broke.

It doesn't bother the con man, there are more women out there waiting for him. He bounces from woman to woman with no guilt or shame. We look at him and think that karma will get him. In fact, we seem to be trying to force karma on him right now.

What I struggle with is if we are trying to force karma to do evil to him what he has done to others, than aren't we condemning ourselves to evil as well?

This is not how I see karma. Karma is love. It is showing love and acceptance to a child who has turned into a violent young addicted man. It is accepting the fact that we can't change the person but we can change how we view them.

Our responsibility is not in fixing the alcoholic, the responsibility I believe is giving the alcoholic some understanding. To give them love. To realize they are sick. They are helpless.

This way of looking at karma helps me see the beauty of others. It helps me also see my Higher Power when this karma is returned to me. I see it when I can share a happy moment in my life and receive a smile that is genuine and realize that someone does care about my happiness.

When I am giving love and ultimately receiving love than I am in harmony with the Universe. There isn't any room for evil thoughts or wishing others will fail. I don't want anyone to fail. We are unique. We are all children of God.

From the example above, instead of wishing bad karma on the con man, try wishing for love for his victims. I do believe by wishing for love, somewhere down the line that love will be returned to me.

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