21 May 2013

The Law of Quietness

The Law of Quietness states that the most important communications between the greater part of ourselves and our physical sensory mechanism are the quietest.

I love the Silence.  I love the Quiet.  It is through the Silence and the Quiet that I am the closest I can be with my Higher Power.

I love this Law. The first time I ever heard of this law was by John Bradshaw speaking about the inner child. He said with such passion that we need to get into the silence to enjoy the child within. The way he spoke about it, I wanted that silence.

Through the years silence was replaced with Silence – with a capital S. Silence is the way to get up close and personal with our Higher Power. I was taught at a young age to pray for things I wanted... it became kind of a wish list for me.

Sobriety taught me that at times I can pray to much. What I mean by that is if I'm always praying then I'm always talking. I'm never listening. I needed to learn how to listen. Not only to listen to others but to listen to the Silence.

The most peace I find in myself is when I am with Silence. The phone is turned off. The TV is off. The radio is off. And finally my mind is turned off. That is the hard part, yet the most crucial part. I need to clear my mind. Not to think about my job, my bills or anything. Not to think about what I will have for dinner tomorrow. Nothing. I need the silence to find the Silence.

When I'm with Silence I have no idea of time or thoughts... yet when I return to the “real” world I feel at peace and fulfilled. I usually have no idea what the Silence has told me, yet I am content. If I stay with these blank thoughts that Silence has given me, I'll know what to do in the near future.

In recovery, I once heard a statement that the head knows before the heart will accept. Silence helps me get in touch with the heart. The Silence helps me find the Love that is within. And yes Love with a capital L.

Love and Silence... two beautiful words that help describe my Higher Power. I need the Love to trust and to grow. I need the Love to set healthy boundaries and to function with people I meet. And I need the Silence to stay in touch with the Love.

To me, when Love and Silence are united the ultimate goal becomes reality – Truth. The truth of who we are and the truth of who we hope to become.

The only way I know how to achieve this goal is through Silence. Have you listened to Silence lately?

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