17 December 2012

Virgin birth in Liverpool

Went to a play last night that was really profound. It was a drama about 14 year old Mary getting pregnant and no one believing that she is still a virgin. Her boyfriend Joseph, can't understand, while Mary's mother wants little to do with her.

Social services gets involved because first Mary is only 14 and second she says she is pregnant with God's child. Eventually Joseph accepts his love for Mary and knows he wants to be with her at whatever cost.

They plan to runaway but have no idea on where to go or how they will be safe. An angel tells them to leave Manchester and follow the bright star. They follow the star to Liverpool and their child is born in a public restroom.

A modern day parable of the birth of Christ. The idea was to show how the odds were stacked against Mary and Joseph, yet their faith kept them together. An amazing play... I never quite looked at the birth of Christ in such a way.

A great night of entertainment after a day of getting used to the time change...

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