31 October 2012

A New Energy

The Sixteenth Law of the Universe is The Law of Synchronicity states that the Universe provides us with meaningful coincidences to indicate whether or not we are in harmony with its flow of energy.
I love this law... it has been my life in sobriety.  A dear friend once shared with me that
there is to much coincidence to be a coincidence.  When we believe in coincidence's then we are in flow with its energy.

A New Energy

I believed I knew best
I lied... stole... manipulated
it kept me in harmony
with the booze and the drugs

the energy came from being numb
when it came... it couldn't leave
it had to stay
and sadly I wanted it to stay

using and abusing
substances and people
still... an illusion that all was well
it was you that was out of touch... not me

harmony shined through when surrender came
sweet serenity arrived when lies died
and a Light entered my Universe
it guided me to a new world

a world of peace
a world of Love
a world of acceptance
a world within me

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