22 May 2012

Hateful Compassion

I forgot I wrote this poem... it was written in 2005 as I was battling my own spiritual beliefs... can a person find compassion for a very violent crime?

This is what I wrote at the time I posted
Hateful Compassion

The midwest, lately, has seen some really bizarre and tragic events, which have outraged many people. And, I'm just trying to figure it all out "in the grand scheme of things." I, too, have felt the rage of wanting to kill a mother who "forgot" she had a son.  But then, I wonder, is this rage, healthy or just fueling more evil, in the spiritual world? One of those WWJD questions.

Hateful CompassionFinding compassion,
Easy - for the right cause.
Victims of war,
Victims of natures wrath.
We cry,
Willing to help anyway we can.

But I wonder,
Can hate and compassion co-exist?
"Forgive others" we are taught.
First, we judge...
Then reason...
If forgiveness is just.

Compassion shared,
For cancer, dementia,
Incurable illnesses.
Judging, though, is quick,
For the gambler,
Who lost it all.
Bankrupt, to feed his addiction.
Judged, scorned...
Anyone understand?
Drunks, driving, then killing.
Compassion for the illness,
Anger and hate for the act?
Can hate and compassion co-exist?

A teenage mother,
High on crank,
Disappears for three days...
To stoned to worry about her baby,
Locked in a room,
For three days...
He dies.
Compassion and pain,
For a harmless life lost.
While rage, rips the heart in two,
For the useless life lost.
Can hate and compassion co-exist?

Are we comfortable "being human,"
Justifying, our anger and hate?
Then feeling close to God,
When compassion, flows freely,
From our soul...

Pure evil, never understood.
Anger and hate, fuel it,
Keep it alive.
Pray, for an understanding.
So maybe... just maybe,
Compassion can be found,
For the undeserving.
Then evil, will suffer its defeat.
Can compassion exist...
When hate is so strong?

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