19 March 2012

Sound Soul Evolution... Rock and Roll Revolution

When I first started writing most of my poems were kind of "heavy." This poem kind of opened a new door for me. Having flashbacks, in a fun kind of way. Sorry if I forgot your favorite. There were so many...

Sound Soul Evolution... Rock and Roll Revolution

It wasn't a revolution,
But rather an evolution.
Invited from across the sea,
As teenagers, they'd set us free.

The Beatles wanted to hold our hand,
For many years, they ruled this land.
Glad all over, theme of the Dave Clark Five.
A little different, but the music was alive.

New bands came along.
We listened to every song.
Donovan, gave us a different beat,
Strawberry Alarm Clock, got us off our seat.

Green Tambourine and Hurdy Gurdy Man,
And other songs, ruled underground radio land.
Paul Revere sung of the Indian reservation,
And the pride of the Cherokee Nation.

We were Born to be Wild,
And Born to Run.
A song, for every mood,
Under the sun.

The Mama's and The Papa's,
Had us California Dreamin'
Jefferson Airplane's, Grace Slick,
Scratching and screaming.

The Byrds, wanted us to,
Turn, Turn, Turn.
Deep Purple, just said,

Edwin Starr questioned War.
Jim Morrison was moving The Doors.
Louie, Louie was a hit in its day.
But we wondered - What'd they say?

The Allman's, Marshall Tucker, Wet Willie,
Dickey Betts, New Riders of the Purple Sage,
And The Charlie Daniels Band,
Showed us music, from the southern lands.

A restaurant, owned by Alice,
Was heard from Arlo.
And we can't forget,
Zeppelin and Jethro Tull.

Country Joe, gave us the Fish Cheer.
While at Woodstock - sex, drugs, and beer.
The Moody Blues, rested us at nights,
Laying back, watching starlights.

Mott the Hoople and The James Gang,
Different music, with a bang.
Bob Dylan, Crosby, Stills, and Nash,
Great music, gone in a flash.

Tim said we need to "tune in, turn on, and drop out."
On a Magic Carpet Ride, didn't know north from south.
Protesting! Resisting! The hair got longer.
The message, the music, a little stronger.

Mini-skirts, ponytails, sideburns, and goatees.
Called Freaks - didn't know what to believe.
Girls had flowers in their hair.
It seemed like hippies were everywhere.

Billy Joel sung, "Got to be rock and roll music,
If you want to dance with me."
While Neil Young sang, "Hey, hey, my, my,
Rock and Roll will never die."

Feeling groovy...
Far out...


  1. Notes from Authors Den

    Reviewed by L. Figgins 2/13/2005
    Is this a trip or what?! The amount and quality of music that was produced in those days boggles the mind. Thanks for bringing me back, Dave. (P.S. I won't deny that Paul is a cutie, but don't you girls think that Georgie is sexy?) Sorry...

    Reviewed by Vesna Twinflameunion 2/11/2005
    ..OMG..the memories came rolling in..thankyou Dave...wow!

    Reviewed by Laura Toops (Reader) 2/7/2005
    good memories there! Don't forget the Kinks!

    Reviewed by Kate Burnside 2/6/2005
    Living up to its title in every respect, Dave, this is just one rockin poem and a definite gooooood vibration to be goin down with! I nearly went flip with the "discovery" of the Beatles just a few weeks' ago, making me know what it was to want to screeeeaaam!!! And now Matchbox 20 has me doing the same. I never did it, perhaps, when I was teen, but now I'm "inbeTween", I'm just letting it all hang out... so to speak... as much as we "nice English ladies" (??!!) ever do. And, you know what?! It sure feels great! After all, so much of this music has a deep emotional intelligence about it that some of us have maybe been too scared to investigate before?! Luvin this groove, Dave, which is both Far Out and deep within, too, making for a sense of Peace! Go you!

    Reviewed by Zenith Elliott 2/6/2005
    Back down memory lane...well done!

    Reviewed by Tracey L. O' Very (Reader) 2/5/2005
    Groooovy! Thanks for the trip. I went to see CCR a few years back in this rinky dink town at that. they come every year you're invited! and it was as great as this trip Thank You Dave I Feel great you knew that I would.! (is that how it went? Old timers settin' in) there were alot of great ones! you gotta Good memory Thank you! big smiles and Pleasant dreams tonight for sure. The same for you! Peace dude.

    Reviewed by Tinka Boukes 2/5/2005
    Thanks for this offering Dave!!

    Reviewed by Mr. Ed 2/5/2005
    Thanks for the marvelous trip down memory lane - brought back some great memories and some great music for me - and Peace to you, too!

    Reviewed by Janet Parker 2/5/2005
    Wow! Jude was at Woodstock! I've never known anyone who "really" went. Lots of people say they did. This is a great write and brought back so many memories. I was right there in 1963, waiting for college and a world this small town girl had never thought of.

    Reviewed by George Jackson 2/5/2005
    Man, I love classic rock music...about all I listen to. Caught your nod to Timothy Leary, also. A wonderful poem.

    Reviewed by Kate Clifford 2/4/2005
    just the naming of the tunes brought some fun memories to my mind. By the light, light, light, feeling groovy, always lifted me into positive energy and deep thoughts. Thank you Garfunkel. Did I spell that right? Also thanks for giving me the name of the singer of "Cherokee Nation. This song had a strong impact on me and somehow I knew I would return :-) Thank you for this great sharing.

  2. More from Authors Den...

    Reviewed by Ed Matlack 2/4/2005
    "The relationship between rock and revolution is granting that most musicians are a bunch of avaricious ass-sucking dogs, and most of the song writers (too), myself in many ways included. It's the form or the intention, or the implications of the music that make it interesting to the revolutionary. It's a tool and a tactic for getting children to revolt against the protoplasm that raised them and consider other forms of government, other forms of dealing with the situation. When you coordinate and liberate and release the sexuality and the minds of youth, and can twist it and change it toward a different goal and direction, via rock 'n roll, via fucking in the streets, via dope, via action, direct action ... then you can maybe push this country and we can rewrite the whole structure, based on the kind of energy released by rock 'n roll." Thought this was super great and groovy my brother, and wanted to add just a bit more in the form of the above by Ed Sanders...Peace, Love, Rock n' roll for the soul you have brought back herein Dave...so very cool...

    Reviewed by Regis Auffray 2/4/2005
    You've brought it all back right "in my face" Dave, and it is great. Thank you. Love and peace to you.

    Reviewed by A PAX 2/4/2005
    oh i remember all of that. ty for the memory you did this write so well very cool........... you must be near my age

    Reviewed by jude forese 2/4/2005
    this is great! brought back many memories ... i saw many of the bands and musicians you've mentioned ... was bathing in the mud at Woodstock and yes, i had long sideburns and still have a stack of Beatle cards ;)

    Reviewed by Felix Perry 2/4/2005
    Man that was like wave after wave of memories that will keep me thinking all night long and into tomorrow. If I still had hair i'd be asking my old lady to braid it for me and digging out my old buried hash pipe and bell bottoms. Thanks for the memories. Great write, Peace brother

    Reviewed by Ryan Kelly 2/4/2005
    One of my greatest frustrations in life is my inability to hold a note, carry a tune, always way off key. Yet my ears and soul thrive on music. I have been so fortunate to have been able to enjoy every type and style of music over my life. From doowop to rap, it is what soothes the savage beast. And all those gifted voices, Jerry Bulter, Freddie Mercury, Josh Groban, and oh so many more. Thanks for honoring the music.

    Reviewed by E T Waldron 2/4/2005
    What a trip Dave! You brought back so many memories I'm singing from a to z;-)Wonderful write full of good nostalgia! A joy to read!

    Reviewed by Karla Dorman, The StormSpinner 2/4/2005
    Thanks for the memories when music WAS music! I agree with E. Richardson, an excellent trip! Enjoyed this musical tribute--

    Reviewed by E. Richardson 2/4/2005
    ahhhh yes....back when music was music...when it had soul...what an excellent trip down music's memory

    Reviewed by Sue Hess 2/4/2005
    dave how could you neglect the stones, my favorite group of all times? i loved this, i know almost every song and group you mentioned by heart, that was my generation

    Reviewed by Judy Lloyd (Reader) 2/4/2005
    Interesting Dave and I just found an artilce written about how the movie house in Chicago was broken into and the film canister of their first movie was stolen in Chicago. This was in the box of old love letters that we got.