31 March 2012

Loving Attraction

The Law of Attraction states that we can only attract to ourselves qualities which we already possess.

Loving Attraction

With love we smile and hold hands
no need to look into each others eyes
we feel it... we live it
some say it's attraction

one with each other
one with the Universe
we share thoughts
some say its attraction

thoughts that are mine
and thoughts that are yours
they mingle and merge
some say its attraction

what is this attraction that is spoke about
maybe it is love... a life long kinship
maybe it is peace... enjoying your company
can it be everything

an attraction to a friend is easy
yet... an attraction to an enemy might teach us more
an inventory... a self-reflection... seeing things
really seeing the things we thought were gone

the more we see... the more we are attracted
to the peace as well as the uncertainty
to realize the attraction came from above
and shown when we are ready

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