11 March 2012

The Journey

The journey of finding a soulmate

The Journey

Feeling like a teenager
I took a chance
timidly... meekly
I told her... that...
she fascinated me
that... that...
I'd like to get to know her

like a scared little child
I waited for her rejection
instead... I saw a lot more
I witnessed the birth
of a bubbly innocent child
her insecurity... as well as mine
was replaced with vulnerability

honesty... let me share my pains
trust... let her release her fears
vulnerability, trust and honesty
started us on a journey
an improbable... impossible journey
that with each passing day
becomes more real

no longer a dream
it's a wish of ours
a wish to be together
a reality that a kindred spirit
was born in the mind
now yearning and pleading
for the dream to live physically

Our journey started simply
and it has stayed simple
a simple request for our higher powers
to join us... to give us a chance
to find the reality...
of love and peace...
sharing our hearts with each other...

1 comment:

  1. Thoughts from "Authors Den"

    Reviewed by Marcia Miller-Twiford 12/4/2010
    Allowing yourself to be vulnerable opens doors that before seemed impossible. This is a wonderful poem Dave.

    Reviewed by karen j (Reader) 8/19/2010
    I just love this poem. It is so beautiful......I was tearful reading it and I guess that is what poetry is all about - touching the heart. It's beautiful. Thank you God for giving Dave such a wonderful talent and to you Dave for sharing it.

    Reviewed by Paul Judges 5/10/2010
    Splendid poem, Dave

    Reviewed by Elisabeth Barstowe 5/8/2010
    Beautifully written. Like a fragile butterflie soaring towards the sun, that's how love is sometimes. But it seems this love you have written about here grows stronger with each day that goes by, and is slowly morphing into an eagle.

    Reviewed by Regis Auffray 5/8/2010
    It is wonderful when relationships bloom and grow and last. Thank you for sharing, Dave.