19 November 2011


The fifth Law of the Universe is The Law of Unity. This law says that there is only one of us, interconnected and interrelated at the deepest levels of the Universe. When we are disharmonious in thoughts, words, or deeds, we project this negativity out into the Universe and it decreases the overall
vibrational rate.


there is one... that one is me
there is One... that one is Him
I am one with Him
He's my guide
He has my trust and love

when I am one
I live in harmony and peace
He doesn't send me tests or trials
Just love... unconditional love
all I need to do is be powerless

to realize I'm not in control
I am part of the Universe
though I'm not the Universe
on this journey
I just need to follow

I am unique
He made me that way
I am unique
enjoying my path to discovery
encircled in His excellence

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