19 October 2011

He Prays

Being somewhat of a pacifist I have continually struggled with the war on terrorism. I often wonder what our forefathers would have thought if they could see our world now.

No one can say with certainty but I would believe they would have a heavy heart and pray for us to find peace and begin to live life the way it was meant to be. With spirituality and love...

He Prays

standing in a field
facing the sun
hair blowing in the breeze
arms stretched out
palms toward the sky
he prays…

asking the spirits… for help
for peace… for love
a presence is felt
and birds grow quiet
antelope come out of hiding
standing by his side

chanting to Grandfather
he begs for wisdom…
love for each other
love for his creatures
love for Mother Earth
one people… one world

where pain isn’t a word
and blood isn’t shed
no need for forgiveness
hate and prejudice don’t exist
bears come down from the mountain
eagles fly over head

he has a vision
where color of skin doesn’t matter
respect is freely given
wealth isn’t found in possessions
but found inside
and a Light is seen in everyone

he pictures
a blue sky brighter then any gem
sweet air to breath
water that’s crystal clear
he begins to cry…
he prays…

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  1. Thoughts from "Authors Den"

    Reviewed by jude forese 10/18/2006
    a vision well worth praying for ... inspired imagery and sentiment ...

    Reviewed by Chrissy McVay 10/16/2006
    It is indeed a struggle... Wonderful write.

    Reviewed by J M 10/15/2006
    Very Powerful...

    Reviewed by Tinka Boukes 10/15/2006
    Ditto Kate and Sherry!! Not much left to say!!

    Reviewed by Kate Clifford 10/14/2006
    I read an article recently......to end war one must remove the reason for the war...........I agree. I also agree with Sherry's thoughts below.

    Reviewed by Sherry Heim 10/14/2006
    This is the reality of our world if you believe it to be so, because no one can make us part of anything we do not wish to include in our purpose here. We each need to rise above it for there are many things that are disappointing to us that will always be happening. Peace and love are individual dreams, and only the dreamer can change the dream. Read your words and believe in them, make them your purpose in life and you will know peace and love. Beautiful, beautiful poem, Dave