19 September 2011


Well a weekend adventure ended up with success. My share or talk went well and seemed to be well received. I need to find a way to tell folks without looking for pity or that I'm a victim that I have tremors.

I know some folks were having a hard time hearing me... but I didn't want to scream into the mic and well holding the mic is a major challenge for me at times. I try to not make a big deal of it but then when out front of everyone it raises its ugly head and I shake. It is very frustrating.

How did I do? I didn't hit a home run simply because folks couldn't hear that well... but I didn't strike out either. We'll say a solid double in the gap.

At the end, I got a good applause, as well as a couple of hugs and even a tear or two from my poem "The Battle's Lost... The War Is Won."

All in all a good day... even sold a few books and made a donation of all three books to the recovery house library.

Anyway, the ride home was an adventure. The Heavens opened up with downpour after downpour... it was a long and sometimes scary adventure through Arkansas. It also didn't help that it was football Saturday and I got in the middle of the caravan heading to Fayetteville for the Razorback game.

I did make it home though and slept like a rock... got the car back to the airport and now having a relaxing evening.

All in all a successful weekend in Hot Springs... and yes I did stick my hand in the Springs and yes it was hot...

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  1. So glad it all went well Dave! Wish I could have been there to hear your share in person. You inspire me. Blessings.