31 July 2011

I Let Her See

I've been speaking a lot lately on the healing power of being vulnerable. I needed to take that risk of sharing parts of myself that no one else has ever seen.

I needed to do it to not only build trust in myself. But to also learn the healing power of feeling safe with another person.

I Let Her See

I let her see me...
all of me.
I let her touch my soul
filled with its fears and insecurities
I let her see me cry
and... she never judged.

I let her see more...
freely... I gave myself to her
her shyness left...
replace with boldness
she felt comfort and trust
with my love and respect

She felt safe...
and began to share
it was my turn not to judge
nor question...
but rather... just to accept
her as a beautiful being

In silence... we touched
fingers touching hair... cheeks
chins... lips...
it wasn't an illusion
she was real
her fragrance filled me with passion
her smile warmed my heart

For today... I feel her touch
I feel her love touching my soul
I walk in peace and warmth
knowing that I am loved
physically... isn't important
it's that spiritual love
which my soul desperately needs

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  1. Thoughts From Authors Den

    Reviewed by Angela Contreras 10/4/2006
    Great write, I am also sober got sober in 1995 nice to read your writings.

    Reviewed by Chrissy McVay 3/25/2006
    As someone who did lose a family member to a drunk driver, I know the anger and horror on both sides. My young cousin has started drinking and with his second accident, he hit a tree (thank heavens not a person,) but he may still do jail time. So it is a very, very hard situation for sure...

    Reviewed by Birgit and Roger Pratcher 3/24/2006
    Dave, this is a most excellent write, deeply touching and moving and, most of all, filled with lots of truth. You pass on a very important message and it should be heard worldwide! Thanks for sharing and giving so much of yourself to others.

    Reviewed by Tinka Boukes 3/24/2006
    Excellent write Dave!! Great message here..thanks for sharing!! Keep the faith my friend!!

    Reviewed by Felix Perry 3/24/2006
    Well said facts and a good message to all.

    Reviewed by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado 3/24/2006
    Excellent write, Dave; very well done! BRAVO!