04 June 2011

Trash With Class

I'm still in a somewhat "shock state," whenever I see an alcoholic/addict become clean. It's something their family wanted for a long time, but when it happens the family does everything possible to sabotage the recovery and go back to the old ways...

Trash With Class

she matured with class
but what she did in private
was pure trash
she held her head high
her joy… making boys and men
yell and scream… and finally sigh

Pleasuring others was the goal
performing these acts
she’d sell her soul
photos and film would not lie
she loved the attention
but her marriage died

children couldn’t believe
what they’d see
that was their mom
on Internet TV
lost respect for themselves and others
questioning what happened to their mother

dad couldn’t handle any more
finally he’d leave
all he felt was numb and deceived
for awhile mom sat
high on her throne
but eventually… she’d end up alone
the attention she needed
would quickly fade
lying in the bed she had made

At first her body passed the test
wore out… just to many men
now she was just a mess
no one could remember
how she used to be
a slut… a whore…
is all they’d see

her worse fears would come true
loneliness… it grew and grew
she sunk to new levels of obscenity
on her knees… “please be with me”
like a slave she was sold
and passed around
she became the tramp of the town

no husband… no daughters or sons
she prayed for forgiveness
as she shot the gun

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  1. From Authors Den

    Reviewed by Michelle Mead 11/4/2008
    WOW-that was an incredible ending. Having lived with more than one addict in my life, you really nailed the horror and sadness.

    Reviewed by jude forese 11/2/2008
    powerfully portrays the plight of the addicted ...

    Reviewed by m j hollingshead 11/2/2008
    well done

    Reviewed by Mary Lacey 11/2/2008
    This is wonderfully written and magnifies the horror of drugs on our street and the ruining of families and individuals. How sad.


    Reviewed by Felix Perry 11/2/2008
    Sad story but sadly all too real too often.