15 May 2011

Eyes of Death

When things ain't exactly going the way I had hoped, I need to remember where I came from, and not "beat myself up." Today, is one of those days... a trip down homeless lane... just remembering, not thinking...

Eyes Of Death

Seen, but not heard...
You looked away.
Didn't say a word...
Memories, will always stay.

Eyes of death,
Pains... unknown...
You looked away and left,
Crying... all alone...

Begging for a dime,
Received remarks and spit...
Wouldn't give me your time,
In your eyes, unstable and unfit...

Stealing to stay alive,
The past... a heavy load...
Using, just to survive,
Constantly, heading down the road...

Eyes that do not feel,
Scars, from to many battles lost...
Crimes, will stay concealed,
Aged, from to many white-cross...

Boozin' to stay out of here,
Drugging to keep you away...
Living in constant fear,
Praying, life would end today...

No end in sight,
No one to lend a hand...
Tired of the fight,
Buried my head, in the sand...

Homeless and on the run,
Dirty and beyond repair...
If only I had a gun,
To end this nightmare...

Eyes of death,
Pains... unknown...
You looked away and left,
Crying... all alone...


  1. Numerous reviews from "Authors Den"

    Reviewed by Kate Burnside 3/30/2005
    This is totally gut-wrenching, Dave and I feel so privileged to have you share this painful existance with us here. So glad that you now remember without revisiting all that pain and loneliness. We have indeed so much to be grateful for and you and Felix articulate well how close to either side of the borders, both physical and emotional, we can all come many times in life. We never know what is round the next corner... I would so love to know how the turning point came for you. You give each and every one of us hope and appreciation with this profound expose. Sobering to say the very least. Thank you for this precious piece, Dave and bless you EVERY day!! Kate xx

    Reviewed by OnepoetGem * the Poetic Rapper 3/29/2005
    deeply touching Dave. Very good reflective poeming. Yes things can always get worse when we resort to losing our cool and stupidty. I've never been homeless without a house but I have been homeless mentally. Wondering around in my own head trying to find a comfort zone. After all the years past I finally found a home in my head I can live in comfortablly. For the last 20years I've been ok. I gave up alcohol, being too mean and stupid reacting to mention a few. Giving up alcohol erased 50 percent of my stupid problems. G

    Reviewed by A Serviceable Villain 3/29/2005

    Riveting ... yes, you truly are an inspiration - thanks for sharing!!

    Reviewed by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado 3/29/2005
    Glad you are past that time, Dave; you are an inspiration to many! Fine write; thanks for sharing!

    (((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in Tx., Karen Lynn. :(

    Reviewed by Jerry Bolton (Reader) 3/29/2005
    Man, you surfaced some memories of mine here with this one. Yep. I was homeless when homeless wasn't cool. Wrote a poem with that title not long ago. Never could bring myself to beg though. i stole, did other things. Have often wonder which of the two would lay heavier onb my soul. Good, good, poem.

    Reviewed by D May (Reader) 3/29/2005
    Ahhh---but the writer emerged stronger. Your courage and raw, open honesty is an inspiration for all. Stand tall and keep moving mountains.

    Reviewed by Tinka Boukes 3/29/2005
    Oh I could not say it better than Robert!!

    You are a Roll Model to many Dave.thank you!!

    Love Tinka The Evil One ;(

    Reviewed by Felix Perry 3/29/2005
    This is so appropriate and true, how many so called church going bible thumping christians actually stop to even wonder how these poor souls come to end up where they are. They were not born this way contrary to popular believe. The line between the haves and have nots is very thin and I can say this cause I too crossed over that line and someones kindness brought me back. Prayers or aquarter are not always the answer. Great message here Dave.


    Reviewed by Andy Turner (Reader) 3/29/2005
    I can relate to the homeless, after 16 yrs of owning my home, to find my ex being unfaithful... Luckily in England I soon got a new home given to me, thanks to my MP...
    Well done for defeating the challenges..

    Reviewed by jude forese 3/28/2005
    you have overcome your obstacles and have moved on with class ...

    Reviewed by m j hollingshead 3/28/2005
    thought provoking read

    Reviewed by Jennifer Ragan (Reader) 3/28/2005
    I like this very much...

    Great expression!

    Reviewed by L. Figgins 3/28/2005
    This is a keeper, Dave! A moving first-hand account of homelessness and despair. It is literally a crime to be poor and homeless in this country. Many are veterans...

    Reviewed by E T Waldron 3/28/2005
    A terrible situation to have been in Dave, and I thank God you came through with His help, so you can look back, and also give a helping hand to others.Thanks for sharing!


    Reviewed by Judy Lloyd (Reader) 3/28/2005
    Sad write Dave and yes many feel this way. We live in a disposable society and this is a powerful write.

  2. More from Authors Den...

    Reviewed by Karla Dorman, The StormSpinner 4/19/2005

    We are all one step away from homelessness, and it takes a courageous heart to open up a part of their painful past. My respect and admiration for you just went up another notch for your honesty.

    I know this pain--lived in a shelter for three years. Depended on the kindness of strangers...an ego shattering experience. I thank God every day for the roof over my head now...for every morsel of food in my stomach...and pray I never wind up on the mean streets again.

    (((HUGS))) and love, Karla. :(

    Staggering poem--a keeper
    Reviewed by Huda Orfali 4/2/2005
    Very sad and powerful
    It's a nudge to the cruel hearts to stop and lend a hand
    God bless you
    Reviewed by Sandra Corona 4/2/2005
    How sad but,seeing you now, inspirational :)!
    'Tis true that many do not 'see' the homeless, their our 'invisible' people whom many do not wish to acknowledge. To acknowledge them would force action and action costs $$$.
    God doesn't make 'throw away people' :)... everyone matters, nobody's trash :)!
    Excellent poem my friend!
    Reviewed by Gwen Dickerson 3/31/2005
    Talk about pain, suffering and survival! You have written a powerful and excellent masterpiece attesting to "one's low tide" of life! It takes great inner strength to stay balanced, physically and spiritually. Bravo!
    Reviewed by Paul Williams 3/31/2005
    Outstanding powerful write Dave, painful memories indeed but there is strength in your words...excellent my friend.

    Reviewed by Mr. Ed 3/30/2005
    Writing about painful memories from our hearts and souls truly can be part of our healing process, and you've penned a masterpiece here, Dave, as well as a profound message.