14 April 2011

Help me God... Make this promise true

The 12th Promise of ACOA states, "Gradually, with our Higher Power's help, we learn to expect the best and get it."

Help Me God... Make This Promise True

No way… I ever thought it
No way… I ever dreamed it
I was told it wasn’t meant for me
Life would be hard… not easy or free

Messages that said I wasn’t worthy
That the sin of being born
Would follow me throughout life
The only reward would be death itself

Eyes of death… I wander this world
Never quite finding my place
Until finally I screamed…. ENOUGH
I deserve to be happy

My Higher Power and me had a long talk
I realized he wasn’t the enemy… but my friend
I saw for the first time that this friendship
Would be built on expectations

He expected me to be respectful and honest,
As well as loving and caring.
I expected Him to be trustworthy and loyal
As well as loving and caring.

These expectations filled our needs
With Him on my side… a strong bond was formed
The messages from the past disappeared
No longer would I settle for second best

And my Higher Power smiled
He said with pride and joy
“There is only one message to remember
You deserve the best… now go and get it.”

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  1. From "Authors Den"

    Reviewed by Linda Hill 1/27/2011

    AMEN! Loved this!