03 January 2011

The end...........

It is official... as soon as I post this, I'll be heading to bed and get ready for the long flight back home. The return trip is Manchester to Newark, NJ, to Chicago to Lincoln.

This flight though instead of losing six hours, I'll be gaining them back. So my first flight leaves Manchester at 9 AM and arrives in Newark at noon... which would be 5 PM in England.

Anyway, it will be another long day. Probably won't be posting on the blog till the trip is entirely over but I do hope to give some updates from Twitter.

It was a very laid back day, doing some more packing, getting a taxi and just enjoying our last hours together. It truly has been a wonderful vacation and I do not regret one moment of spending my holiday season in England with Karen.

It was just a lovely lovely time. Will I come back? Damn right I will be back this is really a beautiful country...

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