29 December 2010

You know...

I could really get to enjoy this place. Winter's here are just so relaxing here and stress free. It really is hard to believe considering that I am further north then where I live in Nebraska but the temps are so different.

Yesterday on a walk... with the green grass around us... one green bush was covered with gnats. December 28th... green grass... bushes blooming... gnats... no I'm not in the southern hemisphere but northern England.

Karen practices a couple of different martial arts and I tagged along tonight to watch her. Afterwards the group met at a local pub and ate together. It was my first night in an English Bar... er... pub... and even that was an experience.

The town where we were at is called Marple and I told Karen I want to go back during the daylight because it was just beautiful. There is just something about these old English towns... no one has fences... yet they all have some form of a rock wall around their property. The newer homes may have brick but they just look so out of place along these elegant relic walls.

And this town has a canal running through it with these ancient walls surrounding it. It is just something everyone should see.

At the dinner I sat across the table from a lady from Australia and she gave me a quick lesson on the similarities bewteen Australia and America... and as she talked I told her that the one thing that still blows my mind is how narrow the streets and sidewalks are... and she quickly agreed. What is even more amazinbg though is the lack of accidents that happen with these narrow roads.

It really is very relaxing here... I had a feedling I would like it here... but I am surprised with how much I like it.

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