19 December 2010

Winter Markets

Things that I have never seen in America are cxommon place here. We have flea markets and the "old markets" during the spring, summer, and fall months around us. In Europe, it is a daily affair.

With some snow on the ground there are store having their fresh fruit sitting in front of the store. Their marketplaces have the vendors that sell nick-nacks like we do but also vendors with the freshest most mouth watering meats I have ever seen. And so many different cheeses to choose from.

Speaking of chesses. Yesterday I had my first crumpet. What is a crumpet? Pretty much what we call an "English Muffin." But on this day instead of toasting it and then putting butter and jelly on it... I had it with butter and cheddar cheese... mmmmm.... very good. They do love their cheese.

Anyway, the marpetplace today was out of this world. Food from every European nation being sold. I had a Brat from a German vendor that was about 14" long on a toast roll... oh my goodness was that good. Everyday, the adventure continues with new food and I loved it all.

On our adventures today... I made a comment that I hadn't seen any gas stations. Then I finally saw one. And it showed my age. Anybody remember Esso? They are alive and well in England. For those that don't know Esso is the original Exxon.

While at the marketplace, we even found a vendor selling Native American trinkets and I was explaining their signifiance to my host and she went home with a dream catcher. While just a couple of blocks away was the midway... with ferris wheels and all sorts of rides. People here don't view the winter as a reason to shut down. It is part of their country and they go about their holiday season like we do for the fourth of July - though just a bit chillier.

I have really been enjoying myself and have been made to feel at home, no matter where we are. I'm learning some history and enjoying the experience of how others live their lives.

Some other word changes... our french fries are chips... are potato chips are crisps... and jelly is jam.

And as I was eating my brat I was serenaded by a yule tide Moose singing "Little Drummer Boy."

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