27 December 2010

Remember today...

A bit of history for this old guy... and it happened in Stockport at a little cafe called "Merseyway." Since this trip started I have been on a mission to eat as many different foods and meals as I could... just to say I tried that.

Well today... at this very friendly little family cafe... I said "I do" to a Spotted Dick. That's right a Spotted Dick. No... nothing kinky or perverted it is an English desert. I had it after having a Barmcake. This cake was on a homemade roll with grilled ham, sausage, and a sunny side-up egg. Very tasty. Anyway this Spotted Dick that I have mentioned followed. Why that name? Who knows!?! Anyway, what it is... is hot vanilla pudding on top of a raisin bread type cake. Really pretty good and that was the first time I ever had hot vanilla pudding. Which was quite tasty.

After that Karen and I did some shopping and tonight for dinner I had "cous cous," which is a Moroccan meal. And again another winner meal. It has been a wonderful experience trying all these different taste treats... hard telling what's next for me to experiment with... *rubbing hands and smiling*

After dinner we went for a little walk to a local park... and with a little warmer weather the park was full... around a lake were thousands of geese, ducks, and other wildlife walking on the ice and wadding in the little bit of water that wasn't ice. People walking the trails everywhere and feeding the birds.

Folks here have no concept or concern with the weather... what I would consider just a warm weather occasion, folks here consider to be a year round event. And today, with the warmer weather and some rain... most of the snow melted and the grass... wow... is it green... the end of December and the grass is just bright green. It really has been a wonderful learning experience for me.

Oh yeah... I keep forgetting to mention... when it snows very few people shovel their walks. In fact, they are encouraged not to shovel their walks. By doing so, people are less likely to fall on ice covered sidewalks.

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