15 December 2010

The journey begins

It's six o'clock in the morning... double-checking and triple-checking everything... everything I think is all set to go...

This journey has been in the works for quite awhile and knowing it was going to happen I thought this year would just last forever... but actually it was one of the fastest years I've ever lived.

This will be my first flight in many many years... so I will be doing it from the eyes of a child... enjoying it all.

Weather won't be a problem as far as me getting to the airport and it sounds I'm leaving at a good time. This afternoon is suppose to bring freezing rain and snow...

Anyway my day is beginning... I know lately my entries have been a little wild to say the least... I won't go into details with everything about that, but I will say as much as I despise the man and his sites... I do owe him a "Thank You."

Because of his site... this trip was made possible...

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