08 August 2009

My new name - "Messenger"

I’d like to share with you a very special day in my life. When I started in recovery, I really struggled with the thoughts of a Higher Power. I searched many different religions, philosophies, even ancient mythologies. But what hit home with me was the beliefs of the Native Americans.

I live in the Heartland of America and it made it a little easier to understand why the Natives believed what they believed. So I started my spiritual journey, by asking Native elders what they knew and if they could answer questions for me. Many of these folks became close friends.

They were more then willing to share their stories with me and I learned a lot. This journey started about 4 months into my sobriety and now nearly 15 years later it has come to fruition.

In the eyes of a Nation – I have shown that my heart is pure and filled with strength and hope. Today, August 4, 2009, I was adopted into the Wolf Clan of the Cherokee Nation.

My name “A tse Nu sti” means “Messenger.” The elder who named me said, “I name you Messenger, after observing you and the message of love and hope and strength that you give… so Dave the Messenger… is now a Cherokee Indian. May your life song be long and your path smoother and straighter… This I pray to our Great Spirit… “U NE QUA”

I just wanted to share this with you. This is something I’ve wanted for a long time. And I know it would have never been possible without sobriety.

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