20 May 2009

A New Start!!!

Finally Did It

I’ve been saying that I was going to do it for awhile. But I kept putting it off until now. Last night I wanted to work on a blog and I couldn’t get it to do anything. It’s been a nightmare for awhile. So it’s time for a change. And like everything else I’ve ever done it might take me awhile to figure out everything I can do. Oooohhhh, never to old to learn (or be stressed out).

Self-help groups

I love 12 step groups and I know that they work. They worked for me with my alcoholism and my co-dependency. The way they worked for me was not only by sharing, but my listening and learning. And when I listened didn't mean I had to follow everything that was suggested but rather I was told to "take what I want and leave the rest." And this worked out for me in person as well as on-line 12 step message boards until recently. The idea of any 12 Step group is to admit that we are powerless. But when a moderator rules a site like a god it becomes self-serving for their own interests.

What happened to "Take what you want and leave the rest." My videos have been deleted as well as numerous posts. Granted at the end of every video I have I mention my website, but that doesn't mean that you must go there. In fact, it doesn't even mean that you have to watch the video. Instead, it's deleted without giving the viewers a choice. Practice what you preach Tom.

Thoughts on sobriety

The other day I had a conversation with a lady who has 26 years sobriety. I made the comment that I hope someday God would give me the gift of that amount of time. She smiled and said that our sobriety is only a 24 hour gift. And she then asked me what time I got up today. And I told her and she said she got up a couple of hours later then that. So actually, I had more sobriety then she had. What a humble way to look at sobriety.

The DaVinci Codes

Saw the movie for the first time the other day and I loved it. I enjoy questioning everything pertaining to any question. I don't find comfort in taking something as fact without any questions. I'm not saying I agree with everything in the movie but it opened my eyes to a different perspective. I have read the Gospel of Thomas and found the words to be quite meaningful, now I'll do some more searching of the gospels and go see Angels and Demons.

On to sports

My own personal beliefs. Any team with Alex Rodriquez on it will never win the World Series. And the same with Jason Kidd. He never be on an NBA Championship team. Two great players but they're more concerned about themselves then the team. As a Yankee fan I hope I'm wrong with ARod or I hope they trade him.

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