24 May 2009

Journeys on different roads

Here it is a Tuesday night and I’m in a motel in Bentonville, Arkansas. The motel doesn’t have wireless internet, so I’ll write this now and post it hopefully tomorrow on our successful return trip to Nebraska. I say “our” because I’m not alone. I am with two of my (many) bosses on a business trip. Wednesday morning we’ll be learning how to run a new wrapper for our cakes.

I consider these two people friends, but it was my first time away from work with them. Yeah, we did talk about work, but also a lot more. It was kind of refreshing being able to just be “people” away from work and the stress our jobs have at this time of year.

This is my second business trip this year for my company. Earlier this year, I went on a three day trip to the University of Nebraska to learn more about ingredients and how they work together.

On this trip I am with the Production Superintendent and the Maintenance Manager, while my official title is Production/Engineer Assistant. But that ain’t exactly all of it. Awhile back the Financial Officer said my title should be “slash” and then I added “Kordell” – after the former professional football player Kordell Stewart who played numerous positions.

Where am I going with all this? It is a story about anything being possible. 26 years ago the Superintendent worked on the production line and for awhile in our custodial department. She worked her way up the ladder and today is a voice of reason and is respected by all employees. Myself? A little over 10 years ago, I was hired as a pan washer.

A job is what you make of it. We can go to work each day, put in our time, and then go home. Or we can go to work and go the extra mile, not for a pat on the back, but to help make our jobs more enjoyable and rewarding. Ultimately, the choice is ours…

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