25 May 2009

How do you handle stress?

A busy mind is a sick mind. A slow mind is a healthy mind. A still mind is a divine mind.
- Native American Spiritual Centerness

Through my years in recovery I have had many different “tools” which have helped me maintain my sobriety. Early on, it was counseling and AA meetings, sometimes 3-5 times a week. Gardening played an important part in those early days and does so still till this day.

As the years moved on my “stress relievers” also changed. I started a sports collection, which now over takes one room in our home. Then the writing came back to me and I found my way onto the Internet.

But one constant through it all has been my “quiet time” with my Higher Power. Seeking His advice for the problems of my daily life. Sometimes the answers will come in a dream, or from what someone may say, or maybe even just the way a tree moves in the wind. The answers are there if we search for them.

One thing I do know from this search and my own recovery is that I need to “let go” of my frustrations before it turns into anger or rage. I’m an alcoholic and those two feelings don’t help me at all. So tomorrow or Tuesday, I have a meeting at work, which I will express my feelings, hopefully in a constructive way. It may end up costing me my job. But the reality is, my sobriety is worth more to me then any job. And I can’t work at a place where I’m always angry. I have done this two or three times with past employers and every time it worked out well and we reached a mutual understanding.

But this time is different. I really don’t want to go into details… but it is time for me to speak my peace. If I have a job or lose my job… whatever happens… I know I’ll feel a lot better. And most importantly… I’ll still be sober.

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