27 May 2009

A Day of Nightmares - February 5th

One day more then any other leaves me numb and in shock. In 1976, again in 1987, and once again in 2000 – three people who I shared my life with passed away. Three people on the same day. My Mom, a good friend Paul Burgess, and a lovely young angel named Andrea Scherling.

This poem appeared in The Poets Quill column on 2/5/2008

A Day of Grief

memories of pain and disbelief
there never seems to be any relief
no matter how much I try to prepare
I walk around with a blank stare

32 years ago on a cold winter day
Mom passed away…
her death is never easy to explain
for awhile it drove me insane

I thought the pain was no more
but again grief entered my door
memories of the past came alive again
with the death of a dear friend

Paul was an honorable man
always willing to lend a hand
illness from war… put him in the VA
it was 21 years ago he died today

on a calendar February 5th brought fright
it was a day I’d always fight
the grief wasn’t a lie
with the death of an angel I began to cry

Andrea left this world in her sleep
we remember her life… and weep
8 years ago she left… but she wasn’t alone
God needed her more… He called her home

February 5th… more than just a day
too many friends went away
memories of them I hope will last
because their time here went by to fast

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